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星期六, 三月 14, 2009


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

On behalf of the AYC 2009 Organizing Committee, I am to invite you to come and join the Agape Youth Camp 2008 . The venue is in Malaysia, at the Star Regency, Brinchang cameron Highland You may view the venue at http://www.star-regency.net/

The dates are from June 3th to 7th, 2009, Wednesday to Sunday.

The first speaker Dr Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, aGhanaian by birth, was trained in engineering and systematic theology. He is currently a Director of Campus Ministries, serving students, faculty, and staff at the University of Michigan, USA. He also lectures in courses on Christian ethics and theology on several university campuses around the world. He had in the past served the world church as a member of the General Conference’s Biblical Research Institute Committee (BRICOM). Dr. Pipim speaks extensively to students, young professionals, and civic leaders. For the past ten years Dr. Pipim has conducted Bible Lecture series to students, faculty, and staff on major secular universities around the world, including Harvard, Stanford, and Manchester. His articles have appeared in both scholarly and popular journals. He has authored and co-authored more than a dozen books, and is perhaps best known in the church for his apologetic and inspirational books Receiving the Word, Must We Be Silent?, Here We Stand, Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions, This Is Love, and God Is Faithful. Within the church, he is a sought-after speaker at camp meetings, ministerial conferences, and church revival retreats. His ministry has resulted in hundreds of baptisms in several countries. His current passion is to inspire and train young people to be effective leaders.The second speaker is Dr Tim Riesenberger, who has a passion for Christ and to share God’s Word. He is an emergency medical doctor from Seattle, WA. He came from an agnostic background, but learned about the Adventist Church while attending a public university. Dr.Riesenberger graduated from Weimar College and Loma Linda University Medical School. He has traveled to numerous countries to do evangelism, such as India, Finland, Sweden, Indonesia, and South America. Tim has a sincere desire to share Christ where He is not known. This commitment brings him on a mission trip every month of the year. Drawing from his personal testimony, his life in the ER as well as recent conversions of his own family members, Tim will inspire you to see that there is abundant hope in serving Jesus Christ and sharing Him with others.

We will also have three workshops led by Evangelist Benjamin Ng, Mr Yip Kok Tho and Dr Andy Yong to discuss various practical topics.

This is a bilingual congress, we will use English and Mandarin throughout the meeting. The speaker will speak in English, and the messages will be translated into Mandarin.

You may send the registration form to me by post or by e- mail. Please ensure that you receive a reply from me when you register through email (to confirm that I have received it ) Your registration fees may be sent by cheque or draft. Please address the cheque or bank draft to: SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH FARLIM .Or you may deposit your camp fees directly into the bank account at Public Bank , account number 3073131226 and send a copy of the deposit slip to me by post or email. If you need more information or any help regarding this camp, please feel free to contact us.

May GOD Bless you.

Yours in Christ,

Esther Cheng Pui Kong

Chairman, Agape Youth Camp,2008


H/P: 016-4825141

Address: 86-X, Mk.13, Kampung Pisang , Air itam, 11500, Penang, Malaysia.

Chong Lee Poh

Co-ordinator, Agape youth Camp,2008


H/P: 012-7256141